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Cindy Vu (born 1987) is a supporting character in Tucker's Wand and a main character in both Maggie's Clock and The Princess and The Clock. Of Vietnamese descent, Cindy is a model with Models Inc as well as Maggie Yen's girlfriend.


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Daring to Dream

Cindy was born in Falls Church, Virginia, an only child. Cindy's parents, Duc and Hong Vu, owned a Vietnamese supermarket which would grow into a big chain with locations all over Northern Virginia, California and Texas. The supermarket was a big family dream, Cindy's many aunts and uncles also having a stake in it. Due to all her relatives, what Cindy lacked in siblings she made up for in cousins, many of whom she'd see on a nearly daily basis. Being an only child Cindy was spoiled, but thanks to her upbringing by modestly wealthy parents she never let it get to her head. While never a top student, Cindy made plenty of friends and we well-liked, even being named prom queen. Modeling became Cindy's interest, eager to promote her own body image above that of traditional fashion models.

Upon moving to Los Angeles in hopes of networking, Cindy quickly learned that she would need more than an attractive appearance to be successful. Had it not been for her family's wealth and the support of both her aunt Thuy Vu and her cousins Cindy would have ended up homeless within months of making her move. Eventually, however, Cindy landed a few small jobs, though she remained an amateur model. Even with her career not off to a quick start Cindy was well-off, managing to budget her family money and earned income to afford a nice home in Brentwood. Martha Cassidy, a promoter with VIP Promotions, quickly began to employ Cindy a lot, the two becoming friends. Tina Ly and Denise Ortega also soon became friends of Cindy's, as she'd elected to take dance classes at a local community college and met them both there. Cindy's more distant associates would include seedier types, a couple of her cousins even ending up becoming gangsters.

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Meeting Maggie

A photo shoot with Charlene Masters at Bean There quickly ended up being fortuitous for Cindy, as while she found Charlene to be a miserable instructor her partner on the job was Maggie Yen. The two quickly hit it off, becoming fast friends, Cindy even taking an interest in T&M Productions. It was through Maggie that Cindy met Haley Leone, who helped Cindy get the attention of Zoe Hollander of Models Inc. With the possibility of success on the near horizon Cindy was excited, but she was also disappointed that Maggie was in a relationship with Jamie Mosley at the time. Cindy's jealousy would flare a bit, and not for the last time. Even after Jamie and Maggie broke up Cindy decided not to rush things with Maggie, cherishing their friendship too much.

It was only when Maggie and Tucker Holmes had a falling out that Cindy decided to finally make her move, admitting her feelings to Maggie and offering to let her live in her carriage house. Maggie agreed and, after Cindy helped Maggie get hired as Charlene Masters's assistant, the two began to officially date. Cindy, in turn, learned of the Tempus Clock, soon employing it herself in several adventures with Maggie. Cindy and Madison Yen quickly developed a dislike for one another, Cindy attracted to the older sister channeling Maggie's own hostility. Even as Maggie and Madison became closer Cindy remained wary. Kansas Wilkins was also a sore spot for Cindy, jealous that she would get to use the Tempus Clock more than her. So focused was Madison on getting Maggie to move in with her properly that she didn't realize until it was almost too late that Maggie had gone mad with power, freezing far too many people for a seemingly permanent basis. Cindy got Tucker to talk some sense into Maggie, but the incident resulted in Maggie accidentally freezing herself and Kansas after shattering her clock. Tucker promised to save Maggie, and Cindy agreed to watch over her girlfriend until she could move once more.

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Full House

A few weeks after Maggie was first frozen the Tempus Clock II was completed by Tucker, as it happens just as Ling Yen, Naomi Yen and Lida Wilkins confronted Cindy over the fact that both Maggie and Kansas had gone missing. Introduced to Susie Kim for the first time, Cindy was quickly taken with the young woman, quickly encouraging greater use of the Royal Momju Necklace. Maggie was revived and the happy couple celebrated with Susie, Cindy letting her usual jealousy subside for a bit, though it resurfaced soon after when Maggie showed some interest in other women while time was frozen. Cindy had however now gained the ability to freeze Maggie at will and vice versa, leading to the pair frequently freezing one another. One person Cindy wasn't happy to see brought into the fold was Madison Yen, who'd caused problems at one of Cindy's parties a couple of months prior, but she reluctantly accepted her into the group. While Ling Yen moving in with them bothered Cindy she ultimately decided it would be fine as she did have some interest in freezing the older woman, and upon learning that Sandra Packlin and Rachel Packlin would be her new carriage house tenants she was quick to welcome them.

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Personal Information

  • Current Age: 22
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Bra Size: 34C
  • Hypnosis Rating: 1
  • Tattoo: Elaborate Dragon on Left Shoulder
  • Current Place of Residence: Los Angeles, US
  • Sexual Preference: Women
  • Nickname: Boob Bunny
  • Common Attire: Black Tab Jeans

Personal Items


Cindy's home is a large property in Brentwood, a part of Greater Los Angeles. Cindy's property consists of a main house, a carriage house and a pool, all surrounded by a six-foot tall privacy fence. The carriage house is two-stories with a bedroom and a bathroom on the top floor and a small kitchen, dining area and living room on the first along with a half-bathroom. The main house is two stories and lacks a garage, though it has a large driveway. The top floor of the house as three bedrooms, an office, and a bathroom. The first floor has a large kitchen, dining area, a large family room and a living room as well as a laundry and a bathroom.







  • Cindy is based on model Jenny Chu.