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Hui Lan (born 1977) is a main character in the Clockwork series as well as The IT Files. A former combat and tactical expert with Interpol, Hui later joined the International Temporal Enforcement Agency as the Director of the tactical wing as well as the leader of Team Gamma.


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Living Weapon

Hui Lan was born and raised Shanghai, China, her father a school teacher while her mother Qiao Lan was a homemaker. Hui was an only child and was active in many school sports throughout her childhood including competition-style Wushu. In school, she excelled easily in core subjects and took a liking to philosophy and history. She was accepted into Beijing University upon graduating high school and scoring high on her college entrance exams. While at Beijing University she majored in public policy and sociology.

After college Hui applied and was hired as a police constable for the Shanghai police department. There she earned honors as an outstanding policewoman and was favorite among the community. This is thanks in part to her cool and calm nature. She also has an uncanny ability to calm hostilities with her friendly personality along with wise words of wisdom. Even though she is skilled in hand-to-hand combat she is also an expert with firearms and firearm tactics.

It was only two years after becoming a police constable in Shang Hai that Hui was transferred to Hong Kong as a full-fledged inspector working the major crimes unit with her aunt Xue Lan serving as her superior. She would only serve this unit for six months as she was recruited by Katrina Kraft of Interpol shortly after her transfer and China pushed her to join given that they wanted more Chinese representatives in the international police organization. Due to her transfer, Hui was able to start a relationship with Tommy Chen, another member of the major crimes unit, as well as get out from under the command of her aunt.

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International Agent

In Interpol Hui was a strictly a combat and tactical expert serving under several task forces. Most importantly was her time spent in Lucienne Christophe task force which went after Erika Stone. During this period Hui was captured and met Miranda Ohala. She was also a favorite for Erika to have fun with as well. After the task force going after Erika Stone was disbanded Hui found herself and new best friend Miranda in task force headed by Aisha Reynolds that went after the Paradise Foundation. During this operation, senior leaders of task forces were taken down and even though Hui was capable and able to take over she chose not and instead acted as a support to other leaders. Before this Interpol had put Hui up for several promotions, she, however, turned them all down as she felt most comfortable in the support role over the leadership one. Once the Foundation's plans were thwarted the task force was disbanded once again, Hui and Tommy breaking up and the Interpol agent instead forming a romantic relationship with Miranda. Months later, however, Hui and Miranda were partnered on another case involving the Foundation once more, this time Hui was incapacitated to a majority of the operation along with Miranda, victims of the newly developed Time-Stopper.

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Team Leader

When the International Temporal Enforcement Agency was formed Hui was made the Director of the tactical wing. As Director's Hui's job to was to handle field equipment load-outs as well as certify whether or not a new weapon was field-ready. Hui additionally partnered with Miranda in Team Gamma, one of two two-person teams designed for where small groups were needed. One of Hui's missions took her and Miranda to the Fortune Sea Resort where they managed to stop an attempt to hold everyone present hostage by the Fortune Finders. Later in early 2009 Hui would work with Miranda and several Interpol agents to break-up Tamaya Qillaq's smuggling ring, the two women proving to be well-matched in hand-to-hand combat. A month after the mission Jason Holland and Tatiana Lebedev were added to Team Gamma, rounding out their specialties but making it harder for Hui and Miranda to get romantic on missions, much to their annoyance.

Hui's animosity towards Tamaya continued when they encountered each other again in New York as the ITEA raided the headquarters of Ouroboros, suspecting Tamaya was pretending to be frozen at one point. Hui and Tamaya had another fight which Tamaya won using an Aegis and revealing that she'd kidnapped Tommy after escaping from Hong Kong, leaving Hui worried about her ex-boyfriend and working with Europol to find him and Tamaya. Eventually Tamaya surfaced in Prague and Team Gamma went after her, Hui eventually winning a fight after Tamaya had failed to fill her weapon darts with enough Type-7 to last very long. Kioni Abasi tried to collect Tamaya soon after but Miranda caught her and explained the situation to Hui, who agreed that she should hold onto Tamaya instead of Kioni.

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Personal Information

  • Current Age: 32
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Bra Size: 36C
  • Hypnosis Rating: 4
  • Current Place of Residence: London, UK
  • Sexual Preference: Women, Men

Personal Items


Hui's home is a townhouse in the Merton Park region of Greater London. The house is an older model home she shares with Miranda Ohala and is two floors. On the top floor of the house there are two bedrooms and a bathroom. On the first floor of the house is a living room with bar space, a small dining room and a kitchen as well as a half-bathroom. The house has a small lawn and garden but no garage, though the driveway has space for four vehicles.

Special Skills

  • Competition-style Wushu martial arts, specifically Nanquan (Southern Fist) and Dao (Knife).
  • Marksmanship, specifically expertise with pistols, rifles and sub-machine guns.
  • Massage, specifically stress-relieving.
  • Administrative Knowledge, specifically field and tactical command.
  • Literary Knowledge, specifically proverbs.
  • Trilingual, knowing Mandarin Chinese, Xiang Chinese and English.










  • Hui is physically based off of actress Cecilia Cheung, who was frozen in The White Dragon.
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