The International Temporal Enforcement Agency, ITEA or IT for short, was founded in 2008 by Interpol to act as an independent organization dedicated to dealing with anything related to Type-7 or the displacement of time, such as people committing crimes using the Temporal Gene. Their headquarters is located in London, England, and one of their major suppliers for travel accomodations and equipment is Stone Enterprises.


The ITEA exists to handle crimes specifically related to the use of Type-7 or anything capable of manipulating time. The official documents state that it enforces the misuse of temporal science and phenomenons, Type-7 lumped in as a temporal science due to the stasis-like state it induces. The agency ultimately answers to the United Nations security council, though it also has strong connections to both Interpol and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the former being its main provider of intelligence and the latter its main supplier for equipment. A special review board within the UN has been established to evaluate any case the ITEA gets involved in. Officially the ITEA can take over any case that suddenly is discovered to fall under its charter, though in these cases they tend to work with the local law enforcement and occassionally Interpol as necessary. Besides standard crimes the ITEA also deploys teams to investigate rumors and the like of Type-7 use, and if deployed before something actually happens they tend to initially work alone.

The ITEA is based out of London primarily due to its central airport, as it allows for quick flights to both North America and Europe. The charter does allow for the establishment of a second headquarters in Asia if deemed necessary, Beijing, Hong Kong, New Dehli and Tokyo all on a short list for possible locations. As it stands the second headquarters isn't needed. Stone Enterprises provides IT with private aircraft and special arrangements on commercial flights as needed for travel, also assisting with possible locations for hospitality.

An important note about IT's charter is that it lacks many expected notes about agency discipline, including a lack of fraternization regulations and below-standard punishments for practical jokes. The former is due to many founding members of the ITEA being in relationships with their fellow agents and the latter is due to a belief that, so long as nothing serious becomes of any pranks, it helps with morale.


Since Sonia Castillo was made director the ITEA has undergone several radical expansions. One of the first changes was the establishment of a medical wing as well as an internal affairs department. GRID was next created to better handle smaller events, and each team was given a secretary to deal with administration. Matthew Strathairn was promoted to the head of maintenance and allowed to hire whoever he wished for his repair teams. Instructors were then hired to better assist those within the agency with possible weaknesses. Liaisons with other organizations such as the UK's government, the Metropolitan Police Service and Stone Enterprises have offices on-site and more liaison offices are being considered.

Current projects being worked on are the establishment of field houses in major cities around the world, the creation of a private prison for the agency's own use, the recruitment of fresh individuals the agency can train first-hand and the formation of a tactical team to be made up of members of internal security, who would deploy in extreme situations.

Salary and Benefits

The ITEA offers full coverage for insurance purposes in health, dental and life, their plan also covering costs for items such as glasses and hearing aids. The average ITEA agent makes roughly $60,000 USD a year, with Team Leaders making $80,000. Agency security and tech specialists make on average about $50,000 a year, their superiors making between $70,000 and $80,000 depending on their importance. The agency director makes $120,000, the assistant director makes $110,000 and the department heads tend to make around $100,000. For field work agents do have access to company accounts and can expense most costs back to the agency.


Names marked with a * are listed as exempt from the ITEA's prank clause.



Central members of the agency who are either at the very top or not assigned to a particular wing.

Office Management



Espionage Wing

Division dedicated to undercover operations and spy-related work.

Medical Wing

Division dedicated to employee health.

Science Wing

Division dedicated to understanding technology related to the agency's primary targets.

Tactical Wing

Division dedicated to combat training and tactics.

Technical Wing

Divison related to computers and analyzing data.

Field Teams

Team Alpha

Team Beta

Team Gamma

Team Delta

Team Epsilon

Team Zeta


The Albatross

Non-Agency Personel

Third-Party Staff

Oversight Committee


Former Staff




Standard Field Kit

A standard field kit is one that ideally each agent takes with them when on assignment. A field kit is contained in a metal box labelled 'first aid,' with the standard contents of a kit for its size thinned out to conceal other supplies in addition to the medical items.

The kit contains, besides typical first-aid supplies:

In addition to the kit it is assumed each agent has an additional sidearm and some form of computer.

Team Field Kit

A team field kit is one that ideally each team takes with them when on assignment. A team kit is contained in a metal suitcase and carries extra supplies a team may typically need on assignment.

The kit contains:

In addition to the kit it is assumed each agent has their own individual kit.