Palmira's Addiction
Series: The IT Files
Writer(s): Zero
Date: Mid-December, 2008
Preceded By: Day at the Park
Followed By: Miranda's Holiday

Palmira's Addiction is a story in The IT Files series, focusing on the until-now supporting character of Palmira Tiago and introducing a new storyline within the series.


Charlotte Lune is checking out the new Club Mannequin, an underground establishment in Paris. The club offers drinks that freeze those who consume it, indicating they use Type-7. Xavier Alberic, the club owner, promptly kidnaps Charlotte, not wanting the media to know anything about his business.

The International Temporal Enforcement Agency is investigating the invitation-only club, having assigned Team Beta. Palmira Tiago, a temporary attachment to the team, is befriending Arlette Bouchard, who eventually takes her to the club. Xavier, after dismissing worries from his lieutenant Roch Chevalier, seduces Palmira and the pair begins a romance, during which time she develops and addiction to Type-7.

Sometime later Palmira attempts to bug the club but does so sloppily, unable to focus, and Roch investigates, finding Cassandra Flick and Jean-Baptiste Odilon. Plans are then made to drown Palmira and her associates, but luckily Marcus Corrado and Nessa Kelly were sent as the back-up and managed to catch Xavier and his men. At the airport where Nessa was to extract Xavier and Roch Richard Stilton shows up, rescuing the pair as he still has further use for them.



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