Petrify is a chemical compound in the Tuckerverse. Petrify is effectively modified Type-7, laced with Transmoxide and citrus to make the subject feel like they're slowly turning to stone, when in fact they're simply freezing in place.


An early discovery with Type-7 was that citrus mixed with it would result in what was called a 'slow freeze,' with the subject who consumed the mix slowly losing mobility over the course of a minute or more, depending on the concentration. Petrify uses the idea and a hint of Transmoxide to effectively make the subject hallucinate that they're turning to stone. The hypnosis element of Transmoxide combined with the drug's name creates the hallucination, and as a result even if some subjects know better they may still see it as their bodies petrifying.


Dakota Jackson began work on the drug in late 2008, coming up with the idea after learning how many of her customers enjoyed Type-7 for self-freezing purposes. While not an expert chemist Lynna Sung gave Dakota some pointers and she was able to produce the drug in early 2009.


Petrify is incredibly popular with Dakota Jackson's customers who enjoy being frozen themselves, Rue Garden a notable example.