Rebecca's Revenge
Series: Tucker's Wand
Writer(s): Zero
Date: Mid-July, 2008
Preceded By: Clockwork Wand
Followed By: Maggie and Haley Play

Rebecca's Revenge is the eight-story in Tucker's Wand series, being the first to explore the ramifications of Tucker Holmes collecting women with the Wand of Kronos. Haley Leone also learns the secret of the wand.


Maggie Yen arrives home with the Wand of Kronos and immediately uses it to unfreeze Rebecca Mosley to mess with her. Unfortunately, Maggie gets cocky and Rebecca gets the wand, freezing Maggie instead. Rebecca then unfreezes Tatiana Zudovsky and the pair becomes allies, looking for revenge and some quick cash since they have a magic wand that can freeze people, though they don't know it can also stop time. The pair freezes a party in Lisa Collins's apartment to collect jewelry as well as Madison Yen's car, then driving off. Tucker Holmes returns home with Haley Leone and the pair finds Maggie as well as Lisa, resulting in Tucker revealing his secret: that he has a time-stopping wand. Haley is initially hostile but seems to be fine with it, in the end, the pair heading out to find Rebecca and Tatiana. The couple stops by Persephone's Books to find the staff frozen and stripped, no doubt part of Rebecca's vengeance, aimed at the store she once managed. At a nearby bank, Rebecca and Tatiana are stealing cash when Regina Brennan shows up and tries to arrest them, only to get frozen. Tucker, however, used it as a distraction and stops time, then using the wand to go back in time. Knowing that Rebecca and Tatiana will escape, Tucker and Haley, ambush them outside Lisa's apartment and freeze them. Haley and Tucker then decide to sleep together for the first time, deciding to deal with the clean-up for Maggie's mistake later.



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