The Ring of the Haetae, often just refered to as the ring, is a magical piece of jewelry. Little is known about the Ring of the Haetae only that it was created in China long ago. Unlike the creature it is named after, the ring is able to distort time, meant to be used in defense of others and for the sake of justice.


What makes the ring so unique is requirement of strong willpower and imagination in order for the ring to be affective. For generations there no one has been able to master its full power, not even it's current holder Chloe Noi. Anything frozen by the ring cannot be damaged due to its rigidity, but if they're flexible they can be repositioned. Liquid, when frozen, tends to become like jelly.

The activation for the ring's power varies from user to user, so one wearer may need to snap their fingers while another may need to tap the ring finger against a surface.

  • Freeze/Unfreeze Time
    • When willed all of time freezes, but it can only be sustained for up to roughly thirty minutes before time resumes, and by then the user is drained mentally, possibly even faint.
  • Freeze/Unfreeze Target
    • When willed a selected target within the wearer's line of sight is frozen or unfrozen in time. It is possible to use this on something or someone outside of line of sight, but it must fill the wearer's mind.
  • Age/De-Age Target
    • When willed a target is rapidly aged to the point of destruction, though it is possible to will something back to before it was destroyed. Thus power has only proved effective on non-living matter.
  • Healing
    • The wearer of the ring is automatically healed when wounded or injured in a non-fatal fashion, though the full scale of this property is unknown.
  • Time Shield
    • The wearer of the ring is protected from any nearby magic trying to distort time around them, for example not freezing if time freezes and the source of the magic is within a certain distance.


The word in bold indicates how the user of the ring can activate it, and the words in italics indicate which powers they've been shown to be able to use. All wears of the ring are affected by the Time Shield.



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