Spydoll Inc is a company created by Chloe Noi and Jamie Mosley, featuring prominently in the series of the same name. The company is located in Houston, Texas, and acts a mix of private security, a detective agency and a mercenary group.


Spydolls are women equipped with Type-7 Chips which turn them into mindless, programmable slaves. The Spydolls that are in the company's name act as versatile field agents that can be programmed remotely and even controlled. The Spydoll's ability to possess a versatile skillset in addition to lacking emotional responses makes them effective agents for a variety of missions.

Spydoll Headquarters

Located in downtown Houston and was a paid for by Chloe Noi and build by Noi Industries construction contractors. The building is two-stories with an underground garage area large enough to the Spydoll mobile command center which is a converted tour bus along with several cars and SUVs.

Basement/Underground Garage

Houses employee and company vehicles along with the mobile command center. Features a repair garage with state of art tools and a hydrolic lift. Kyla Abonde's workshop is also located in this space where she designs, repairs and builds weapons and body armor. Chloe has a large space to herself that serves as an art studio. The space use to contain a the Spydoll storage area but it was later moved to the second floor, though there is a secondary space in the basement. Aside from other storage spaces there is a fully loaded fitness center with a two-lane pool.

First Floor

The main floor of the building contains the working space for the company. All offices and meeting rooms are located on this floor as well as the lobby and reception area. The main command center is also located in the space behind the offices and lounge areas.

Second Floor

Also known as the apartment space. This space contains several luxury condo sized living spaces as well the Spydolls storage and ready area. Other rooms in this space is a theater room containing a small bar and a library and gallery room containing several works of art.



Support Dolls



Mannequins at The Red Rogue






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