Stone Enterprises

Stone Enterprises is a major corporation within the United States as well as internationally. It was founded in the 1950s by Eric Stone's father and is currently run by Erika Stone. Stone Enterprises has an annual income, as of 2009, of roughly 7.8 billion USD.


In the beginning Stone Enterprises was one of the first travel agencies, booking exclusive deals with railroads, airlines and cruise-lines, later adding buses. The unique third party element of the company did not last forever, as it later expanded to include bus charters and later also chartering for yachts and jets. When Patricia Mero was CEO the company sponsored the development a new kind of private aircraft, leading to the new Stone Enterprises Ascension helicopter/airplane hybrid VTOL aircraft. While Stone Enterprises doesn't manufacture them directly they do get 40% of profits and the brand recognition.

By the early 1980s Eric Stone had become a vice-president of the company and suggested expansion into textiles. Stone Enterprises thus began buying textile factories both in California and Asia, the latter drawing some criticism for questionable working conditions. None the less the textile factories have proved a good subsidiary for Stone Enterprises, which the stockholders never forgot.

When Eric Stone became CEO he pushed to expand into pharmaceuticals, believing there was untapped resources, so Stone Drug Labs was founded in the early 1990s. Initially the company offered little outside some cold and headache remedies they could sell cheaper in California and through their travel department, but when Ashley Tisdale was hired she soon created a vitamin pill that proved capable of preventing wrinkles from forming for nearly ten years after it was supposed to occur naturally. The pill proved to be the big success the Drug Labs needed, but by the time Eric Stone died only Type-7 seemed viable as a new product, and it was a long way away from FDA approval.

In between Eric and his daughter Erika Stone was Patricia Mero, who arranged a partnership with Blizzard Aviation to produce the Stone Enterprises Ascension. Erika's rise to the status of CEO saw unconventional testing done on with the Type-7 drug, which as of 2009 is now pending approval. Erika's big project however was Stone Networks, a social networking website that, given data from the user, offered suggestions for where to go for social events and where to get products they might want for the cheapest rate. While criticized as being invasive, Stone Networks doesn't rely on ads, unlike other social sites, and instead uses partnerships with local companies who get preferential treatment in return for money that is spent as advertising expenses. CyTek was so impressed with Stone Networks that it brought in Stone Enterprises computer programmers to help consult with their SARA project. In 2009 the Ascension project was complete and the first aircraft were produced, Patricia's old deal with Blizzard ending up harming their share while supporting Stone Enterprises. Blizzard was acquired by Stone Enterprises soon after.

For decades Stone Enterprises has donated to several universities in Los Angeles County. The five principle educational institutes receiving the most donations are University of California Los Angeles, University of California Fullerton, the California Institute of Technology, Decker State College and Malibu State College. The CEO of Stone Enterprises is frequently made a member of the university's donor or booster club. Erika Stone serves a member of the DSC Booster Club and offers scholarships to students going to UCLA.


The CEO of the company is appointed by the board of trustees, who themselves are elected by major stockholders and ideally have strong ties to the company. The Stone family holds forty-percent of the company's stock thus while not entirely in control they do still possess a lot of pull with the board. Each major division of the company has one director or president and below them has multiple senior and junior vice-presidents, depending on the division's size.


Stone Enterprises Corporate Headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California, next to Echo Lake. Stone Travel has central corporate offices in quite a few major cities all over the world, with smaller offices in other locations. Stone Drug Labs is primarily based out of Malibu as is Stone Networks, while Stone Textiles have factories and warehouses all along the western coast of the United States as well as in China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia and the Philippines. Blizzard Aviation is located in Bakersfield, California, North of Los Angeles.

Stone Enterprises Corporate Headquarters is positioned on Park Avenue, facing Echo Lake and Echo Lake Park from across the street. The building is ten stories and primarily holds office space for the company's top executives, Stone Travel coordinators and Stone Textiles sales management. The top floor holds several offices that the CEO has direct control over who occupies as well as the Board of Trustees meeting room. The first two floors of the building are dedicated to parking, and the staff recreation area takes up nearly half of the third floor.

Stone Drug Labs is located over a bridge across Malibu Creek, in a region mostly devoid of trees save for around the compound. The region was originally seen as a possible recreational retreat, but Eric Stone had the area slowly converted to serve Drug Labs. The facility is four-stories tall with basements and a sub-basement, giving it a total of six floors. Trees surround the property and within that is the parking lot, which has more than five hundred spaces to accommodate employees. The building is protected by a chain-link fence and the only entrances are protected by security checkpoints. The building's interior features many glass-walled labs and scientists primarily wear lab coats while security wear red jackets and pants with black shirts and boots. Modern technology is prevalent around the building, with its power supply primarily drawn from the roof's solar panels, airborne pathogen counter-agent emitters installed throughout the building and SARA holograms accessible at most computer terminals.

Stone Networks are based in a building by Carbon Canyon. The building is a three-story office park and Stone Networks currently occupy the top floor. The staff at the location are dedicated with keeping the network servers operational, monitoring for possible intrusions and making sure the databases are up to date. The building does have a bit of a view of the ocean though the location does suffer from some obstruction due to the nearby terrain.


Top Executives and Board of Trustees

Stone Travel

Stone Textiles

Stone Drug Labs

Stone Networks

Blizzard Aviation

Former Employees

Stone Products

Drug Labs

  • Silk Throat Cold Relief, cheap cold medication
  • Jackhammer Headache Relief, cheap headache medication
  • Sun Shield Protection, environmentally-friendly sun-screen re-purposed primarily to protect cars from the heat as it leaves a plastic-like sheen
  • Sun Cap Protection, environmentally-friendly sun-screen for hair
  • Shimmer, pill taken weekly that can prevent wrinkles from forming for up to ten years
  • Type-7, new form of tranquilizer
  • Brown Town, brunette hair dye that is sprayed on, doesn't damage hair and can only be washed out using citrus

Blizzard Aviation