Tales from the Tuckerverse are a mix of smaller stories tied together by taking place in the same universe as other stories like Tucker's Wand and Clockwork. Stories under the name are either one-off adventures with characters from other series or tell stories about other character that are less serialized than others.

Basic Storylines

The first big Tales from the Tuckerverse series follows the Lady Raptors from Decker State College, as during a trip to the season-ending tournament the group ended up in Stillsville, where the team managed to save the town from derranged twins with a magic camera, known as the Stillsville Camera. Kat Vaughn and her twin sister Julie Vaughn kept the magic camera for themselves, thus stories about them tend to involve it.

A second set of stories follows the sisters of Phi Sigma Delta, specifically Susie Kim, who uses magic to control and play with her sorority sisters.

The third set of stories follows a group known as the Scooby Gang, who in the wake of Clockwork Revenge have taken it upon themselves to investigate people around the college.

The fourth set of stories follow the Children of Hecate, a mystical cult that have taken over Stillsville and seem to be growing in strength.


Lady Raptors

Scooby Gang

Phi Sigma Delta

Children of Hecate





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