The Caribbean Caper
Series: Non-Canon
Writer(s): Zero, Dmuk
Date: Mid-January, 2009
Preceded By: Taking the Tuckerverse

The Caribbean Caper is a Non-Canon story that crosses over the Tuckerverse with the LTBSA series The Inrcredible Impromptu Mannequins.


After a failed show in Miami Darren Le Braun and his companions Claire Cook and DiAnne Hawthorne are kidnapped by Sombra de la Mano. Leocadia Braga wants Darren to hypnotize everyone at the Fortune Sea Resort so she can recover a massive shipment of Type-7 under the scrutiny of Interpol and the International Temporal Enforcement Agency. Darren, knowing it is help or death, agrees and manages to hypnotize members of the ITEA and Interpol. Anne ends up frozen by Type-7 with Darren not having a cure and it is revealed Leocadia also kidnapped the recently-divorced Debbie Richardson. Together Darren and Claire manage to thwart Leocadia's plan and discover the smuggler isn't Meaghan Mason as assumed but Beth Behrlin. Darren hypnotizes the entire resort (except for Teresita Zuniga who is instead frozen by the drug) and manages to escape on Debbie's yacht. Claire ends up curious about the ITEA while Darren poses Leocadia, Teresita and Beth in a boutique owned by Victoria Montgomery in Miami.



  • The story is non-canon primarily due to the inconsistency with several characters and how they'd actually act in regards to hypnosis.
  • Despite the story being non-canon a great deal of it is still accurate to events going on in the Tuckerverse.